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Madison has a mission to inspire the dental profession to regenerate what they do and how they do it through her dynamic educational lectures.

This WordPress based site allows her to showcase the topics she delivers and features a blog where she can easily post new content

3 Ways to Reduce Website Costs Without Sacrificing Quality.

Most times a starting out solopreneur or small team will not have tens of thousands of dollars to invest in a website. However, they still need an internet presence to build an audience, connect with potential customers and gather leads to follow up with and turn into sales. Here are three ways you can reduce website costs and still end up with a functional and professional looking website. Continue reading “3 Ways to Reduce Website Costs Without Sacrificing Quality.”

Finding Creative Commons Images to Use on Your Blog

Dressing up your blog posts with editorial images is a great way to capture your readers attention and spice up your website. A common pitfall when trying to find good images for blog posts is thinking that any picture that comes up on a Google image search is fair-game to use in a post. This leads to people innocently violating copyright, and not even realizing it. Continue reading “Finding Creative Commons Images to Use on Your Blog”

Customize Your WordPress Site on a budget with Themes

The look of your WordPress site, and a lot of how your readers can interact with it is controlled by the use of themes. A theme is basically a directory of files that control the design and presentation of your articles and the layout of your site.

A default WordPress installation comes with a few themes, which makes it ready to use right out of the box. Because of this, you can start adding content within minutes of having WordPress installed. Unfortunately, these themes are being used on tens of thousands of other peoples sites as well. Continue reading “Customize Your WordPress Site on a budget with Themes”

Copyright and Using Images on Your Website and Blog Posts

Copyright and Using Images on Your Website and Blog Posts
By Sharon Sayler

A visual can sure add a lot of impact to a website or your blog. It can give an immediate “ah-ha” to the reader and attract attention to your articles. Adding an image or creative work to your web page or post can make a big difference on the impact of your message. Images do grab readers’ attention, but be careful, you can’t use just any image… Using a copyrighted image without permission from the creator of the work or the copyright holder is copyright infringement. This article is a short introduction to copyright and creative images. Please check with an intellectual property attorney for more specifics and to answer your specific questions about copyrights and creative works. Continue reading “Copyright and Using Images on Your Website and Blog Posts”

Live Jazz Piano musician site

Jon Snow was looking to have a site created to promote his services as a jazz pianist and vocalist. He needed a place to showcase clips of his music and a way for people to contact him for booking. features a contact form, mp3 flash player and bio of this talented musician.